Sep 16: fixes

  • -fix: BD/KD cant kick pumpkin
  • -fix: nefed extreme amount of coins given by pumpkins
  • -nerf: animals flying/climbing on hills can't hold go on hill if holding a pumpkin
  • -new: 15+ tier can hold multiple pumpkins
  • -fix: pumpking holding player gets boost

Sep 15: fixes

  • -fix: crash with pumpkin
  • -fix: players wont release pumpkin on freezing (eg wolf howl wont release pumpkin from victim)
  • -fix: golden pumpkin rarity update (wasnt spawning) now it has double-pinned rairty of 1/100

Sep 14: fixes

  • -fix: Pumpkin wont respwaning if sucked in by a Tornado
  • -fix: If player holding pumpkin go in Tornado still hold the pumpkin and thus cant use ability

Sep 12: Announcement

  • AddictingGames.com acquires Mope.io
    Video message from Stan about why he sold mope.io!

Sep 12: fixes

  • -fix: Pumpkin stop spawning after some time
  • -fix: Goal wont score if you kick drop in the hiding hole

Sep 12: fixes

  • -fix: Pumpkin XP glitch
  • -fix: Pumpkin respawn interval bug
  • -fix: Yeti's knock back is too much (reduced by 1/3)
  • -new: shooting water on the Pumpkin holding player, releases the Pumpkin!
  • -new: Pumpkin grab interval is set to 5s (prev 2s)

Sep 12: Tweaks

  • -shooting water on the Pumpkin holding player, releases the Pumpkin!
  • -Pumpkin grab interval is set to 5s (prev 2s)
  • -now 1 pumpking for every biome
  • -keeping the pumpkin for long increases XP gain gradually (100% xp gain after 50s for 10+ tier)
  • -xp gain set to every 5s and coins gain set to every 10s
  • -updated xp/coin gain formula so lower tiers can enjoy keeping the pumpkin
  • -if same player gets the same pumpkin again after kick/pass/upgrade, the ball taken time doesnt reset and get the 100% xp gain based on the tier formula
  • -only one pumpkin at a time can be held by a player
  • -no more insane amount of xp/coin gains (however still possible to gain 500k per goal if Messi is playing Mope.io!)
  • -fixed: players inside arena still get pushed by pumpkin
  • -fixed: pumpkin wont respawn after some time
  • -fixed: pumpkin dropped in volcano

Sep 11: fixes

  • -fixed proxy sites
  • -buffed xp/coins gain from pumpkin
  • -misc:adding fps counter below mini map

Sep 11: Pumpkin + Tweaks

    Pumpkin is back:

  • -Adding Pumpkin soccer again.
  • -when Pumpkin spawns, an orange dot appears on map
  • -This time holding pumpkin gives a good amount of XP every 2s (how ever makes you 5% slower)
  • -Holding pumpkin gives min 1 coin every 10s, longer you hold more coins it gives (could give 5 coins per second)
  • -Scoring a goal can give millions of XP depending upon player's XP
  • -Scoring a goal gives 10 coins below 10 tier, 15-20 coins from 10-14 tiers, 30 coins for Apex, 40 coins for monsters and 50 coins for KD
  • -rare Golden Pumpkin 1/100 chance, gives insane amount of coins!
  • -find Jack-o-Lantern between 23 Oct and Nov 6 gives 5x XP and 2x coins
  • Tweaks:

  • -nerf: Arena wall damage nerfed 33% and wall hug damage nerfed 25%
  • -buff: Bigfoot can hit animals from point blank (prev 0.3s delay)
  • -buff: Bigfoot grab delay set 4s for all victims
  • -buff: removed anti-teaming from Apex and Monsters
  • -buff: Mammoth can live outside artic
  • -buff: Yeti snowballs can hit players (prev was 1s delay)
  • -buff: Yeti has following tweaks:

    Normal Yeti - Roar:
    0.3 hp damage to predators everywhere (0.6 to preys)
    0.6 hp damage to predator (0.9 to preys) if non-arctic but in arctic

    Aqua Yeti - Roar:
    0.6 hp damage to predators everywhere (0.9 to preys)
    0.9 hp damage to predator if non-arctic but in arctic

    Normal Yeti - Snowball:
    0.3 hp damage to predator
    0.6 hp damage to preys

    Aqua Yeti - Snowball:
    0.45 hp damage to predators
    0.6 hp damage to preys

Sep 9: new servers/tweaks

  • -new: adding new servers for Turkey/China/Korea
  • -misc: all old regions/servers are back
  • -fix: player count not showing on paris servers
  • -nerf: Anti-teaming nerfed. Damage wont apply to diving/flying players
  • -nerf: Anti-teaming nerfed. Damage wont apply if a player is already hurt less than 1s ago


  • We are currently working on a disconnection fix. We are imporving and optimizing our servers and tools. We apologize for the delays. Your continuous support is appreciated. Thanks

Sep 5: Adding 2 Paris servers

  • -new: adding 2 new Paris servers (player count wont show due to a bug)
  • -fix: ocean/arctic food buff had a bug, now it gives 35% more xp, +3 tier will feel it.
  • -news: Turkey, China, Korea, more US regions, Brazil, Australia and Tokyo servers will be added in following days

Sep 4: anti-team fixes

  • -fix: anti-teaming on BD was disabled
  • -fix: KD was taking anti-teaming damage from apex when there was no BD
  • -fix: 1v1 health restriction lowered when anti-teaming damage applied. Now to invite for 1v1 BD needs minimum 40% health, monsters 60% and Apex 80% of helath.
  • -nerf: Bigfoot given a grab interval nerf. If a victim is previously speared, it acts like grabbed. Black/King Dragon has 8s interval to get grabbed again, and 4s on any other animal

  • We are working on missing regions/servers. They will be avilable soon.

Sep 3: we are back!

  • Mope.io is avilable again. Thanks for the support :)
  • -Missing regions/servers will be back in next 24 hours

Sep 3: Downtime

  • We are improving Mope.io infrastructure for better user experience. Mope.io website, game servers and accounts will be temporarily unavailable from 7 EDT till 9 EDT. Please note that you might face login or game server connectivity issues. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Sep 3: arctic/ocean buff

  • -buff: Now eating any food inside Arctic/Ocean gives 20% more XP
  • misc: forgot to mention in last patch, you can use /anim-switch:phoenix to on/off phoenix skin animation

Sep 3: balancing

  • -buff: Bigfoot can throw spear if hurt, previously used to create fire
  • -buff: Yeti's roar hit animals if they are stunned/frozen
  • -buff: Yeti's roar damage => 0.8hp + (in arctic +0.3 - for non arctic animals) + (if prey +0.3) + (if aqua yeti +0.3)
  • -buff: Trex health increased by 1hp
  • -buff: KD's tail slap damage on BDs increased by 15%, if BD looking at KD's tail then gets 20% more damage.
  • Anti Teaming

  • -anti teaming measurements implemented across apex/monster/bd tiers.
  • -if more than 1 BDs around KD, each BD will get 1hp + 0.25hp per BD damage (eg if 3 Bds near KD then 1.5hp damage to all every 30s)
  • -KD close to BDs gets 0.5hp damage every 30s
  • -if 2 or more BDs close together each gets 1hp damage every 30s
  • -2 or more monsters close together get 1hp damage every 25s
  • -3 or more apex close together get 1hp damage every 20s

Sep 2: Land Monster fix

  • -fix: Land Monster roar circle doesnt disappear when ability ends on hurt.

Aug 31: Land Monster nerf

  • -nerf: Land Monster's pull nerfed, ability reload increased to 9s (prev 6s)

Aug 31: confirm screen

  • New confirm screen when purchasing an item from shop. Helpful to avoid accidental purchases.

Aug 30: Bug fixes

  • fix: Arena screen glitch when invitor/host has an escaping character in the nick
  • fix: Arena screen glitch on inviting when host clicks on empty ground
  • fix: stun mechanic is disabling apex abilities
  • fix: trex not being able to stun (now stuns for 2s)
  • fix: Yeti snowballs will not hit any animal under an effect (if animal is stunned, frozen, etc.)
  • fix: Kraken not being able to suck prey that is stunned
  • fix: orca waves no longer push animals as effectively as before
  • fix: a new god mode glitch
  • buff: arena sizes updated 15% for tier 15, 25% for tier 16 and 35% for tier 17
  • buff: orca wave pushes predators and noedible animals
  • new: new 1v1 option "Turn Speed", comes with Normal and Fast; where Normal speed is from legacy Arena and Fast is from Modern Arena
  • new: New player commands, you can turn on/off client-side animation for honeybee by using /anim-switch:honeybee, by default animation for Honeybee is off
  • misc: filtered lengthy character from spamming in chat/nick
  • NOTE: this is the first mini patch, more such waves will come as we move on

Aug 15: Google Chrome V84 and V85 bug causing lag

  • Players on Google Chrome that see a lot of lag in the game should use Chrome Canary, which is the latest release of Chrome, where the bug is fixed. Later the official Chrome will have the bug fixed, in Chrome version 86.
  • Remember, for the smoothest mope.io gameplay experence, close other games/ tabs for the best FPS.

Aug 11: New hiding holes, see players inside!

  • Now in hiding holes, see your animal, and see/talk to other animals (while inside)! After 15 seconds, you become invisible to others in the hole, unless: below full health, low water, or recently chatted.
  • New 1v1 features and options!
  • Many skins are now cheaper in the shop
  • Now you can see your earned coins during gameplay
  • Certain animals can now hide in the volcano.
  • And Fixed loads of bugs, read a more full update down below:
  • Full August Changelog:
  • -new: see other players and chat inside hiding holes. Stay inside for 15s and you become invisible. (Unless low health/water/ you chat)
  • -new: lava animals hiding in volcano lose lava after 20s
  • -rework: 1v1 Arena completely revamped
  • -rework: bigfoot ability reworked
  • -rework: Falcon/Eagle/Owl got reskins
  • -rework: all apex tiers (15/16/17) a little bit retouched to balance various gameplay aspects. There might be few ups and downs, and that we can address as community provides feedback.
  • -new: if there are 4 or more BDs alive, they auto 1v1 with each other. There will be max 3 BDs alive at a given time
  • -new: when going in hiding hole, outside world turns dark (still visible), hiding hole from inside expands and has a bit bigger hitbox so players can freely move around
  • -new: lava animals can hide in the volcano, those hiding in the volcano lose lava after 20s
  • -fix: god/ghost mode glitches
  • -fix: kraken/land/sea monster not sucking up food/animals
  • -fix: players going in 2 arena fights together
  • -fix: bigfoot double spear bug
  • -fix: white tiger auto clicker
  • -fix: firebooga pushing animals out of hiding hole
  • -fix: ostrich cant target itself to make babies follow
  • -fix: arena wall hug advantage for the challenger
  • -fix: arena when timed out both players come out alive (one player will die this time)
  • -fix: turn speed for apex in arena
  • -fix: lava toucan not regening lava quicker inside volcano biome
  • -fix: some abilities still showing to arena players
  • -fix: sea monster ability animation
  • -fix: marsh deer legs shown when using ability
  • -fix: player disconnection bugs
  • -fix: flying animals (dragon, phoenix, land monster, BD/KD) can now hurt animals on top of tree
  • -fix: turn speed for apex/monsters inside 1v1
  • NERFS:
  • -nerf: trex damage reduced/no longer stuns when grabs animals, however when trex’s bite ends it inflicts bleeding damage as it used to be
  • -nerf: Dino monster’s ability damage reduced; cooldown increased from 6s to 10s
  • -nerf: Rare Rhinos damage nerfed, now its based on how long it has charged. if charged > 3s then full damage, if charge < 2s then 70% if charged < 1s then 40%
  • -nerf: Golden Eagle can pick up to Monsters (not BDs)
  • -nerf: KD tail slap on BD is reduced by 50%
  • -nerf: bigfoot spears no longer disable apex abilities
  • ----------
  • BUFFS:
  • -buff: cassowary can now use ability without hills stopping it
  • -buff: cassowary moves faster in mud now it is 70% (prev 50%)
  • -buff: cassowary if charged more than 1.75s can hit predators even if got hurt
  • -buff: lava/paki toucan inflict more coco damage
  • -buff: All lava animals can hide in volcano. Staying in there for 20+ seconds will make u lose lava. lava animals can’t hide in the volcano under preparation/eruption stage
  • -buff: paki toucan throws coconut only if it goes to any fruit tree/bush
  • -buff: lava toucan regens lava normally when inside volcano biome (or lava lakes in dersert)
  • ----------
  • 1v1 Arena features
  • -new: players can configure arena before and after sending requests
  • -new: dark theme for arena for less distraction
  • -new: all animation turn off when you are doing 1v1
  • -new: players now have option to choose health/water constraints going in arena fights
  • -new: more optional settings for players to choose from camera and dark/default theme
  • -new: wallhugging from distance inflicts damage
  • -new: new invite screen when requesting other players for 1v1
  • -new: new block all button for you to stop receiving 1v1 requests from whole server (however you can invite others, doing so enables them to invite you again)
  • -new: hide players outside arena, that improves client side rendering and reduces lag.
  • -new: fixed camera provides better skill execution
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