Nov 20: fixes

  • -fix: ability/run buttons on hand-held devices are back to normal size
  • -fix: low-graphics mode improved, works better for old devices
  • -fix: pumpkins show as orange dots again on mini-map
  • -remove: 30s invincibility removed, now its again 15 upgrade time without invinciblity. However players become invicible for 5s as it was use to be
  • -new: in low-graphics mode tornados wont spin on mini-map
  • -note: we are gathering more feedback on in-game ads

    Nov 19: crash fix

  • -fix: when buying anything from shop, will crash game server

    Nov 19: bug fixes

  • -fix: ad displaying to outside arena players when they come close to arena
  • -fix: King Dragon not getting coins on killing rares
  • -fix: not able to chat
  • -fix: not able to write nick name

    Nov 19: bug fixes

  • -fix: ad displaying in normal gameplay
  • -new: upgrade menu ads give 10 coins if ad is shown for minimum 10 seconds
  • -new: arena ads give 5 coins each (start and at the end of arena)
  • -nerf: during invinciblity period players won't push each other
  • -misc: upgrade choice hotkeys are back
  • -fix: crash fixes

    Nov 18: Bug fixes

  • -fix: King Dragon tail slap on mobile not working
  • -fix: Killing Scorpion in Arena disables boost
  • -fix: random weird-text glitch that makes text super hard to read, chat message and player names get pixelated
  • -buff: boost distance reduce by 50% (when you have pointer right on the animla the it stops in arena)
  • -buff: boost speed increased by 15% inside arena, improves maneuverability
  • -nerf: When Arena is fully shrunk, wallhugger gets 2x damage every 0.5s
  • -new: new tidy looking upgrade choice menu
  • -new: players get 30s invinciblity when upgrade menu is shown
  • -new: ads show on upgrade screen from 3+ tier
  • -new: ads show in Arena before fight begins and after fight ends
  • -new: disasters show on mini-map
  • -new: tornados respawn immediately as soon as one dies
  • -beta: right after this update, we will be able to save player's coins to their account right before future updates. This feature is in testing, once its working preprely we will automate it with update process
  • -misc: to keep it tidy, map/leadboard disappear when upgrade menu is shown
  • -misc: crash fixes
  • -misc: lag fixes (work in progress)
  • -misc: account lag partial fix (work in progress)
  • -misc: optimzation and workflow improvements
  • -sale: cheap sale is on! halloween skisn are split in two sale bundles
  • -note: Halloween skins are going to last till end of November. Enjoy :)

    Nov 5: Shop fixes

  • -fix: layout fixes on mobile
  • -new: added login/reg buttons in the main menu
  • -new: logout button added on top right corner

    Nov 4: Pufferamce fix

  • -fix: insta kill glitch when puffermace puff-touch

    Nov 4: Halloween Skins

  • -new: last 5 New Halloween skins in shop

  • Nov 4: Mope Shop on Mobile

  • -Players can login their account on Mobile.
  • -Login your account on browser, then go to settings. There will be a Mobile Login Token, copy it
  • -Load Mope.io App on your mobile or non-PC device, click shop, and then click on login
  • -Paste your Mobile Login Token in the white text box and hit the login button
  • -Enjoy benefits of Mope Shop!
  • Note: Shop is now available even without logging in.

  • Notice: This is the last update in Halloween series. Here on we are going to focus on content updates during Novmeber. We appreciate your patience!

    Nov 1: Halloween update#3

  • -new: new food, mope coins spawn as food, eating a coin gets you 1 coin in your earning. The more player spawn in game, the more coins to farm!
  • -new: 6 New Halloween skins in shop
  • Notice: I apologize for delayed release of these skins. I was out of town and got sick as well. Halloween updates are just pure skins nothing else. But I promise I will try to deliver *New Zombie mode* along with New content during November :)

    Oct 25: Halloween update#2

  • -4 New Halloween skins in shop for limited time. Whoever buys them will keep them forever.
  • -Halloween skins are available for purchase in Mope Shop till November 15th

    Oct 25: Fixes

  • -fix: Premium skins for animals that have multiple species wont appear (toucna/lion/big cat)
  • -fix: rare crash during KD event

    Oct 23: Halloween update

  • -New Halloween skins in shop for limited time. Whoever buys them will keep them forever.
  • -You can find Halloween skins in its own tab in shop interface
  • -New low/high price filters added in shop
  • -New Tier mention on Halloween skins so you know which skin is for which tier
  • -Improved Shop UI

    Oct 23: Fixes

  • -fix: Hippo/Wolverine mouth open bug after ability

    Oct 21: Shop update

  • Gold Trim Theme packs for Arctic and Desert biomes from tier 1 to 12. You can enjoy unique skins for your favorite biomes
  • Note: Halloween skins are coming in following days

    Oct 21: Fixes

  • -fix: burning effect not showing on theme skins
  • -fix: prisma toucan not showing in upgrade menu
  • -fix: KD upgrade options not showing skins

Oct 19: Shop update

    Daily Rewards:

  • Playing daily gives coin rewards, if you are coming after a gap of 2 days or more then you earn 25 coins earn on your return. Following day gets you 50, day after 75 and if you keep playing consecutive days you earn 100 coins each day

    Gold Trim Theme

  • New Theme for Land and Ocean biomes from tier 1 to 12. You can enjoy unique skins for your favorite biomes
  • Note: Arctic/Land skin packs are coming in following days

    Shop Features:

  • -themes can be equipped or unequipped from "Settings" tab in the shop
  • -theme skins replace the default skins so upgrade menu remains tidy
  • -new filters, help you sort the shop items
  • -shop tabs renamed to more relevant titles


  • misc: code optimization
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